Prioritizing and Simplifying


Let's go back to the basics, let's prioritize and simplify. Here are some tips. I find taking the time to do these things when I have so much going on helps me stay focused and not get overwhelmed.

Tip one: decide what is most important to you, establish your priorities. We can't do everything in one day. Taking the time to prioritize and identify where to focus your time and energy will help you stay aligned with your priorities. Identify what is urgent vs. important.

Tip two: decide what is NOT a priority. You will have to let some things go - things that distract you from accomplishing your priorities. Sometimes it helps to make a NOT to do list and refer to it often.  

Tip three: learn to say no. It's okay to say no to opportunities that aren't the right fit for you or aren’t in line with your priorities. It is easier said than done, but if it's not something you wholeheartedly want to do, you're not going to put in 100%.

Here is an exercise you can do right now to help you prioritize and simplify your life.

Step one, write down the goals you want to accomplish in the next three months (work life, personal life, relationships ect.). Step two, decide what on the list is most important to you. Star what is important or a non negotiable must do. Step three, simplify your list - cross off anything that isn't  a priority. Step four, identify your number one priority, circle it! Step five, write down three steps you can do to take yourself closer to accomplishing your goals. Prioritizing and simplifying will help you finetune your life and take you a step closer to your dreams!

Written by Anna Wilhelm

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