• Prioritizing and Simplifying

    Prioritizing and Simplifying

    Let's go back to the basics, let's prioritize and simplify. Here are some tips. I find taking the time to do these things when I have so much going on helps me stay focused and not get overwhelmed. Tip one: decide what is most important to you, establish your priorities. We can't do everything in one day. Taking the time to prioritize and identify...
  • 7 Emu Oil Benefits

    7 Emu Oil Benefits

    1. Lowers Cholesterol Emu oil contains healthy fatty acids that may have cholesterol-lowing effects on the body. Although the research on emu oil specifically is limited, there is clear evidence that essential fatty acids, like those that come from fish oil, have cholesterol-lowing effects. A study conducted by the Nutrition and Metabolism Research Group in Canada found that omega-3 fatty acid supplementation reduced plasma triglyceride...
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