Feed your Skin! Rejuv is a refreshing and soothing skin mist formulated with hemp oil extract and a powerful combination of all-natural botanicals designed to support the health of your skin. Enjoy this non-greasy body and face spray delivered in a pleasant mist providing up to 1mg of THC-FREE CBD per spray.*Rejuv is superfood for your skin: Soothes inflammation* Revitalizes dull skin* Reinvigorates skin,...
  • Cultivating Joy

    Cultivating Joy

      Joy is a key part of a good life. A huge part of life is having fun and enjoying the experience that we were gifted with on Earth. There is joy and happiness to be found everywhere. I practiced this exercise and it helped refocus and center myself. I want to share it with you all in hopes it can do the same. List...
  • Healthy Habits and Finding Balance

    Healthy Habits and Finding Balance

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    Here are some tips on how to keep your lifestyle sustainable and not get burnt out. You want to be happy, healthy and in balance for the long run. No one is perfect, no one truly has a perfectly balanced work life. Things come up in life that throws everything off balance but, that's the way life. Is. It's important not to be so...
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