Self Care

July 26, 2018

Self Care

In our day to day it seems like a lot of effort to take the time to give ourselves the care we deserve and need. In order for us to perform at our highest levels and love with open arms we have to make sure we have a solid foundation within ourselves. We can not take care of others without taking care of ourselves first. As cliche as that sounds its more than true. I have listed some of the actions and steps I have taken to make, and take the time to center myself. It's easy to neglect taking care of ourselves. Self care prevents overload burnout, it reduces the negative effects of stress and helps you refocus and stay focused. I challenge you to pick 5 activities and incorporate them into your week. You will feel refreshed and realigned. 

Sleep more

Call a loved one or friend

Drink your favorite drink

Go on a walk

Take a bath

Do your nails

Watch a movie 

Be alone


Read a blog or book on self-care

Go for a drive



Turn your phone off


Do your hair

Dress up for yourself

Organize your space

Start a gratitude journal

Listen to music


Use a calendar or planner to schedule “me time”

Go through your closet and donate clothes

Start a cycle of encouraging words

Do a random act of kindness for a stranger

Prepare your favorite dish

Start a genuine conversation

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