Who we hang around says a lot about the type of people we are. So take a moment and look around. Are the people you spend the most amount of time examples of where you want to be?

 Are they living out of the principles and values that you aspire to be? Are they doing the things that you lime to be doing? If you want to be fit, you might ask yourself, are the people around you fit? If the answer is NO, you might consider re-allocating your time.

 One salient truth we know about groups of people Is that the more time we spend in a group, the more we adopt the beliefs, values and behaviors of the group. If we spend enough time with people who give up on weight loss, you will to. Looking at the differences between those who are fit, and those who are trying to lose weight the distinct beliefs, values and behaviors of each of these groups are elucidated. For one, fit people believe that weight loss is possible and that it’s a lifestyle. They are examples of this belied.

At PlushRX, we bring people of similar goals together and help them achieve their dreams. Anyone is welcomed to join our online fit club. If you have a busy schedule and want to a join us in person that is perfect as well. Meet people locally and globally that are up to fitness, nutrition; empowering everyone to go after their health and life goals.

 Our meet up and the online fit club is only available in MD, ATL, MIA, and PHILLY for now. If you are not from one of those locations, be patient, we are expanding to many places soon.